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  Italy Intro

Italy's continually growing tourist industry is a clear indicator of healthy investment conditions. The ENIT International Observatory Survey reports that Italian tourism sales were up by 21.3% in 2006. The increase in Italy's tourist industry is also directly related to the rise in budget airlines now serving Italy, causing vacation homes and buy-to-let investments to become more popular than before. Latest price increases in key areas of Italy were about 22% last year; all the while Italian property continues to be relatively inexpensive in comparison to several other EU countries.

Nicknamed the connoisseur's alternative to Spain, property in Italy gives buyers the opportunity to marvel in picturesque surroundings, culture and history, while boasting a reputation of exclusivity. Excellent food and wine, splendid architecture, moving art, and traditional hilltop towns all continue to draw visitors to Italy every year. Alpine landscapes, sandy beaches, lakes, flourishing vegetation and a mainly Mediterranean climate are added attractions, holding Italy's position as a tourist hot spot.

Economic Overview:

  • Rental potential available from not only the tourist market, yet the internal market as well.
  • Property tax reforms offering excellent opportunities for the rural renovator, as well as considerable VAT mark downs.
  • No capital gains tax on profits from Italian property, producing maximum returns on investment.
  • Italian government offers grants to investors to improve rural areas.
  • May be able to slash purchase price in half by becoming a resident.
  • European Union member country.
  • Compared to various EU destinations, prices are lower.
  • Political and economic confidence.
  • Undiscovered areas of property are increasing up to 20%.
  • Budget flights now available, promoting its already strong tourist industry.
  • Opportunity to restore attractive older Italian houses into fabulous homes that, in peak season, earn high rent.
  • Flight time only 2 ¼ hours direct from UK.

Natural and Cultural Overview:

  • Prime tourist destination.
  • Wealth of history, culture, and brilliant architecture.
  • Variation in natural beauty, from sandy beaches, mountains and lakes, to lush vegetation.
  • Mediterranean climate.
  • Variety of adventures, from beach holidays, to skiing, hiking, or sightseeing and cultural activities.
  • Modern systems, friendly people, and gorgeous scenery make Italy a dream lifestyle and an ideal relocation destination.

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