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  Brazil Intro

According to independent investment experts, including many articles in international investment press, Brazil is now widely considered to be a highly profitable market. The economic climate and tourist infrastructure are currently undergoing major upheaval, while the country’s economic strategy has caused much growth in the past 3 years. While Brazil remains on a steady growth curve, investors are urged to catch this promising market from the very start, while prices remain low and high returns on investment are inevitable in current hotspot locations.

Since January 2003, when President Lula was elected, Brazil has seen the lowest inflation levels ever. The country has received much positive international media coverage with many reports in international press recently promoting Brazil as a place to invest in as well as visit. The exchange rate is an important factor in enabling Brazil to succeed in foreign markets. For the last 24 months the rate has been at a level to attract foreign investment.

The Brazilian government encourages foreign investment, allows for foreign freehold ownership of land and property and has succeeded in reducing inflation in the country to record lows.  Worldwide real estate investor interest in Brazil is intensifying since Brazil has successfully stabilized both its economic and political standing in recent years.  Brazil has an emerging real estate sector that already offers great investment potential and property ownership opportunity. Some areas of Brazil benefited from up to a 20% rise in real estate prices last year alone and the future for the entire property sector is very bright.  The country’s currency is competitive, the economy is stable and 2004 and 2005 have seen strong and sustainable increases in GDP.  It has the 10th largest GDP in the world.



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